Knockdhu Distillery meet



Synchronised painting!


Everyone is a shadow


Workers have come out the shadows


Tarland working00

preparing to fill in pot holes

Tarland working59

holding the seat in position is important!!

Tarland working12

Shall I, shan’t I?

Tarland working13

Ok – I will!

Tarland working14

It’s cold out here .

Tarland working19

I know – I’m cute!!

Tarland working21

This is the right colour isn’t it?

Tarland working22

Yep – it is fun!!

Tarland working23

Watch my fingers!

Tarland working33

Waiting to paint

Tarland working36

Here we go

Tarland working41

This a good side?

Tarland working42

Shall I show you how?

Tarland working43

See – easy!

Tarland working44

Not much room here

Tarland working46

Much better this side

Tarland working45

Hope I don’t splash the car

Tarland working47

Big hole this!

Tarland working49

takes a lot of shovel loads!!

Tarland working48

not many more

Tarland working50

Synchronised painting

Tarland working56

looks good doesn’t it?

Tarland working58

this seat could fall off any minute

Tarland working59

just about managing to hold it down!

Tarland working00Tarland working02Tarland working03Tarland working08Tarland working10Tarland working17Tarland working18Tarland working26Tarland working29Tarland working31Tarland working40Tarland working51Tarland working53Tarland working54Tarland phots_0683 Tarland phots_0682 Tarland phots_0681 Tarland phots_0680 Tarland phots_0679 Tarland phots_0678 Tarland phots_0677 Tarland phots_0675 Tarland phots_0674 Tarland phots_0673 Tarland phots_0670 Tarland phots_0669 Tarland phots_0668 Tarland phots_0667 Tarland phots_0663 Tarland phots_0662 Tarland phots_0661 Tarland phots_0660 Tarland phots_0659 Tarland phots_0658 Tarland phots_0657 Tarland phots_0656 Tarland phots_0655 Tarland phots_0654 Tarland phots_0653 Tarland phots_0651 Tarland phots_0650 Tarland phots_0649 Tarland phots_0648 Tarland phots_0646 Tarland phots_0645 Tarland phots_0644 Tarland phots_0643 Tarland phots_0642 Tarland phots_0641 Tarland phots_0640 Tarland phots_0636 Tarland phots_0635 Tarland phots_0634 Tarland phots_0633 Tarland phots_0630 Tarland phots_0629 Tarland phots_0628 Tarland phots_0626 Tarland phots_0624 Tarland phots_0623 Tarland phots_0620 Tarland phots_0619 Tarland phots_0618 Tarland phots_0617 Tarland phots_0615 Tarland phots_0614 Tarland phots_0613 Tarland phots_0612 Tarland phots_0611 Tarland phots_0610 Tarland phots_0609 Tarland phots_0608 Tarland phots_0607 Tarland phots_0606 Tarland phots_0605 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0600 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0147 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0145 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0143 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0140 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0139 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0138 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0137 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0136 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0135 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0134 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0133 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0132 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0131 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0130 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0127 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0126 Tarland Hogmanay 2014_0125 Tarland Hogmanay Meet 2015

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